March for Science in Trondheim

Marches are announced in eight cities and towns in Norway, with two in Svalbard alone.
605 sattelite marches are registered on the MfS official homepage
(Foto: March for science/Google maps)

605 sattelite marches are registered on the MfS official homepage Foto: March for science/Google maps

March for Science has become a global phenomenon. Friday noon, 605 sattelite marches are registered on the MfS official homepage. Around 250 in the US alone. In Norway, there will be marches in eight cities or towns, according to March for Science Norway: Oslo, Stavanger, Bergen, Trondheim, Bodø, Tromsø, Alta, Longyearbyen and Ny Ålesund.

In Trondheim the march will start at 5 PM. The march itself will take about half an hour, and ends at Trondheim Torg where speeches will start shortly thereafter.

Speeches in the following order:

* Erika Palmer (Organizer, March for Science Norway) opens and introduces the speakers

* Gunnar Bovim (Rector, NTNU)

* Ingeborg Helland (Akademiet for Yngre Forskere)

* Stian Sandø (Host, program Newton on NRK)

* Forsker-Frederic (Vitensenteret in Trondheim) holds a fun scientific demonstration

«Science puts food on the table»

Today, international organizers of the world’s first-ever March for Science set the stage for the flagship event in Washington, DC, co-organized by the Earth Day Network, as well as the more than 400 coordinated events happening across the world on April 22. The event will be the first step in the global movement to defend the vital role science plays in everyday life, including in health, safety, economies, and governments, according to the MfS founders.

«Scientific discovery and innovation are a critical part of our nation and our future -- science extends our lives, protects our planet, puts food on our table, contributes to the economy, and allows us to communicate and collaborate with people around the world,» said Caroline Weinberg, National Co-Chair, March for Science.

«Despite this fact, science and scientists, and evidence based policies are under attack. Policymakers threaten our present and future by ignoring scientific evidence when crafting policy, threatening scientific advancement through budget cuts, and limiting the public’s knowledge by silencing scientists. On April 22, scientists and science supporters will unite worldwide to protest these actions. Thousands of people in almost 500 cities around the world will march together in support of science’s role in society and policy and to ensure our future.»

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