A phenomenal change in communication

I think the main lesson learn from COVID 19 is no matter how strong our Plan A is we should always have Plan B.

I feel we are becoming more efficient, writes Pinkey Roy.
I feel we are becoming more efficient, writes Pinkey Roy.
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Universitetsavisa asked eight employees and students at NTNU to answer the following question: What can NTNU learn after experiencing corona. This is Pinkey Roy's contribution.

The truth is COVID 19 brings a phenomenal change in communication. Video conferencing tools have become too popular than ever. To some extent, we don’t even realize the distance when we conduct an online meeting, nowadays. Since we can attend lectures, conferences, webinars from any corner of the world, I feel we are becoming more efficient. For example, if I have any work with the library, I can just log in from my computer and get help from the virtual library. It is so quick and easy. Last week, I attended one conference on “Blue Circular Economy” and one webinar on “Applying for a job in Norway” online. So since it was online I did not require to go anywhere. Isn’t it too amazing? 

Some of my friends those who are not located in Ålesund or have corporate jobs besides study, now they don’t need to skip class or feel the pressure to quit school just because they are away from the city or school. They can take online classes and coordinate with their classmates over online platforms. 

I would not say it was the scenario when we first started to attend class online but gradually we have started to adopt the lifestyle. I believe, last 8 months taught us what is important and what is not. We should keep it in our minds when we will go back to normal life again.

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