Our excursion trip became an eye opener for everyone

At Froan Nature Reserve we could see the extent of marine litter.

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A research group from the Department of Biology at the NTNU had a three-day stay at Mausund. Laura Monclus, Martin Wagner, Johannes Völker, Marta Pujol and Åse-Karen Mortensen will focus on the effects of plastic pollution on birds and animals. Employees at Mausund Field Station took the group out to Froan Nature Reserve to see the extent of marine litter and carry out their field work. They studied what we can find of marine litter, especially the extent of plastic in drinking water sources for birds and animals and how birds build nests of plastic materials. They took plastic-samples from all the places they visited.

It made a big impression on everyone to see the amounts of marine litter that has landed in the Froan Nature Reserve and what challenges it poses to wildlife and the rest of nature.

Everyone was impressed with the magnificent scenery at Mausund and at Froan Nature Reserve and was very pleased with the experience of the great nature. The seriousness of the plastic pollution made a big impression. This was stated when summary was done at Mausund Field Station after the fieldwork. The excursion trip became an eye opener for everyone.